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Terms & conditions

Terms and conditions for online reservation of Jaguar Land Rover vehicles with an authorized Retailer of Jaguar Land Rover India Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as 'JLRIL')

  • Client(s) means a prospective customer(s) (individual / firm / proprietorship / company etc.) who is/are interested in reserving Jaguar Land Rover vehicle(s) online for their personal use and are not reserving them on behalf of anyone else and/or are not middlemen or representing any other third party. The contact details shared at the time of reservation will be treated as the primary contact of the client(s) reserving the vehicle online.
  • It is to be noted that hereinafter the word Retailer used on this website shall mean authorised Dealers of JLRIL. JLRIL shares a principal-to-principal relationship with its authorised Retailers.
  • Reservation means booking a vehicle at a JLRIL authorized Retailer through this website. This is an optional facility. Client may opt to reserve the vehicle directly with a preferred Retailer as well.
  • This website is developed and maintained for JLRIL authorized Retailers by Mobilestyx Consulting and Solutions LLP (herein after referred as "Mobilestyx") a Technology Service Provider.
  • The client is requested to thoroughly read and understand specifications and features of all Jaguar Land Rover vehicles shown on the website before making a reservation. The vehicles shown on this website may be available in more than one variant and the specification of each variant may differ based on engine, exterior and interior colour, fuel type, technology features and any cost options included as a part of curated offer.
  • By reserving the vehicle, it is deemed that the client has thoroughly reviewed the specification of the chosen variant and has clearly understood the specification sheet available for download. Any clarification regarding these specifications may be sought in writing from the Retailer.
  • Price, specifications and features of all Jaguar Land Rover vehicles are subject to change without prior intimation.
  • Client may reserve one or more Jaguar Land Rover vehicles by paying a fee of Rs.10 000 per vehicle. This fee will be transferred to the bank account of the selected Retailer. Client will receive an acknowledgment with payment receipt from the Retailer, on realization of payment.
  • Any unsuccessful payment will be returned to the same mode of payment as per terms of payment gateway portal. For any issues, please use “Contact us” section on the website.

Indian Market only

  • This website is intended for prospective clients wishing to purchase a Jaguar Land Rover vehicle from a Retailer within India and would register the vehicle within India. The information contained on this website may be updated or amended at any time without prior notification or obligation.

Product Information

  • The information, illustrations and images contained on this website may have been prepared for generic use on Jaguar Land Rover websites maintained in different countries around the world. Consequently, some of the information and/or accessories which are not available in some countries or which, in order to satisfy local market demand or regulatory controls in such countries, may only be available in different specifications or configurations.
  • Accessories/features shown may not be part of standard equipment. iPod is a registered trademark of Apple Inc., registered in the US and other countries. Meridian is a registered trademark of Meridian Audio Ltd. Please note not all features set out on this website are available as standard for all Jaguar Land Rover models. Some features are available as a [cost option] only. Please refer to the Owners Handbook for Navigation Terms and Conditions.
  • Smart Settings is intended to be released as part of a future wireless software update. Software development and releases are subject to movements in planning and programming, and dates may be subject to change.
  • The figures provided are as a result of official manufacturer's tests in accordance with EU legislation. A vehicle's actual fuel consumption may differ from that achieved in such tests and these figures are for comparative purposes only.
  • From 30 September 2019 Spotify will no longer be supporting the InControl Apps access. As the dominant preferred access by customers it will be available to customers via Smartphone Pack where installed.
  • Important note on imagery & specification. We are living through exceptional times. Due to the Covid pandemic we have been prevented or delayed in the creation of new images of current model years. Now the global impact of micro-chip shortages is further affecting build specifications, options and launch timings. Until this unique event settles, please note that many images cannot be updated to 22/23 model year specifications. Features, options, trim and colour schemes will differ from many images. Clients are urged to consult the local Retailer for detailed 22/23 model year specifications and do not base an order on marketing imagery and specification alone
  • The information and specification shown are not binding and are subject to change without prior notice.


  • By accessing the website, you agree to all of the terms and conditions as set out below, including the Privacy Policy.
  • In reference to the Telecom Regulatory Authority of India (TRAI) guidelines, you hereby authorize Jaguar Land Rover India Limited and its affiliates/partners/registered dealers to communicate with you through telephone/mobile, email, SMS or any other modes of communication even if your number/numbers is/are registered in the National Do Not Call Registry (NDNC).
  • There are (i) marks placed as information boxes on this website. It is deemed that the client has read and understood all information contained under each information (i) box.
  • JLRIL reserves the right to change the variants, variant names and specifications of the vehicles displayed on this website at its own discretion. Retailers selected by the client are responsible to provide all required feedback and details to assist the client in the sale process. Retailers will make reasonable efforts to contact the client for the same. Client is requested to remain in touch with the Retailers.
  • Retailers and/or Mobilestyx will not assume any liability for any inability or failure on their part in executing any order registered by any client on account of any causes, constituting a force majeure or otherwise, beyond their control.
  • Retailers will make reasonable effort to keep clients updated on progress of their orders. The Retailers and/or Mobilestyx shall not be liable for any delay in delivery of vehicles or accessories / optional equipment due to delay on account of production, shipment, strike, riot, civil commotion, accident, machinery breakdown, government policies, acts of God and nature, and all events beyond the control of the Company.
  • Charges related to vehicle servicing: In case of outstation servicing i.e. where it is required to send technicians to the city of residence of the client, which is outside the municipal limits of Retailer’s city, for performing on-site or scheduled services, repair or inspection services falling within warranty or outside warranty, the client would be required to bear all incidental charges related to such services including technician’s to and fro economy class air fare from the city, boarding and lodging expenses as well as other expenses related to vehicle towing (if beyond 100 kilometres of road side assistance coverage) or renting of equipment/space etc. which may be required to undertake above services on the vehicle. This will be over and above service/repair charges related to labour and parts required for rendering scheduled services or repair related jobs on the vehicle.
  • In case of any dispute arising from or incidental to the use of this website and the services offered herein including but not limited to the interpretation and application of these Terms and Conditions, the Client and JLRIL agree that the courts in Mumbai, Maharashtra shall be vested with exclusive jurisdiction to adjudicate such disputes. The governing law of these terms and conditions shall be that of Mumbai, Maharashtra, India without any choice of law provisions.
  • JLRIL has authorized Retailers to operate within specific markets. In the event of any changes in client contact details, or if client chooses another state for vehicle registration or physical use which is beyond authorized territory of selected Retailer, the client will be advised to buy vehicle from a Retailer located in the same city where the vehicle is to be registered or used. Any change in vehicle on-road price/offer due to change of location/state of usage will be binding and acceptable to the client.
  • JLRIL, its Retailer and Mobilestyx their directors, employees, consultants, assume no liability whatsoever for any direct or indirect loss or damage arising from a client’s application for reserving the vehicle as per T&Cs.

Acceptance of payment towards booking

  • The online reservation engine is available on & whereas payment gateway is powered by the Razorpay.
  • The reservation amount for Jaguar and Land Rover vehicles will be displayed on the payment gateway site once the client selects a Retailer, state, city, model, variant, fuel type, etc. The reservation amount can be paid online using debit card / credit card / internet banking.
  • The reservation is voluntary for clients and entirely at their discretion.
  • Client’s booking amount/token deposit of Rs.10 000 paid by them at the time of reservation will be adjusted against the final on-road rice/cost of the vehicle at the time of physical purchase at selected Retailer.
  • Any residual value mentioned for client's existing vehicle, being offered for exchange, on this website is purely indicative for illustration purpose and not binding for the Retailer. It is assumed that the vehicle being offered, as exchange, whose value may be considered for set off against the value of new vehicle purchase is in good condition, fully operational, non-accidental, serviced as per manufacturer's schedule with documented service history. The vehicle being offered should also have appropriate transferable documentation. All taxes should also be paid along with minimum residual insurance of 3 months. JLRIL Retailer will run a complete physical evaluation of vehicle offered for exchange, will verify ownership details, any outstanding finance/credit facility/ foreclosure charges/ any fines or penalties on the offered vehicle etc. The final residual/exchange price will be at the sole discretion of JLRIL Retailer based on such physical evaluation of the car and verification of above conditions and documents.
  • Finance offer shown on the website is illustrative and used for computation of the quote. This may vary and is subject to change based on final choice of finance partner/finance institution selected by the client at the time of finalization of purchase at the Retailer. The finance partner/finance institution selected by the client may accept or reject the proposal to offer finance/credit facility at its sole discretion based on its credit policy or other criteria as may be applied by it. In case of rejection of finance/credit facility application by the finance partner/finance institution, the client will be required to fund the full value of the vehicle as revised and communicated to the client by the Retailer off-line. The client shall pay or arrange to pay the Retailer the balance amount of the Jaguar Land Rover vehicle reserved online to complete the successful purchase, registration and delivery process of the vehicle. The balance amount shall be paid by the client before the delivery date indicated by the Retailer.
  • After the online reservation process has been completed, including the online payment transaction, the system will generate a reference number for the receipt of payment. The client shall use this reference number to communicate with the Retailer at all times.
  • By choosing to pay online towards the reservation of the vehicle, the client agrees to abide by all the applicable laws including the local laws governing sale of vehicle. Any increase in the on-road price, till the completion of delivery of the reserved vehicle to the client caused on account of regulatory or general price increase effected by JLIL shall be borne by the client.
  • Ex-showroom prices mentioned on the website are illustrative and are subject to change with vehicle model, model year, variant, optional features, accessories, etc. The Ex-Showroom price reflected shall not be construed as the final price as the same may significantly differ due to including but not limited to purchase of any additional accessories, parts or products, services that may be availed by the customer, discounts offered by the authorised Jaguar Land Rover Retailer, change in government taxes, duties, fees, levies, etc. The Ex-Showroom price is inclusive of GST (including compensation cess) as applicable but excludes Vehicle Registration Tax, Tax Collected at Source (TCS), statutory taxes/fees, other local tax/cess levies applicable from time to time, miscellaneous charges and Insurance. Prices and options are subject to change without prior notice. Ex-showroom price prevailing at the time of vehicle delivery shall be applicable. Ex-showroom price includes Road-Side Assistance for emergency break-down services only.
  • The On-road prices shown on this website are indicative and are subject to additional charges on account of add-on insurance, accessories, merchandise, change in specifications, handling/logistics charges, local taxes or cess or other charges levied by Government/Municipal authorities which will be charged at the time of final invoicing as applicable. It may be expressly noted that final Invoice will be based on ex-showroom prices prevailing at the time of delivery which would be communicated by the Retailer before the final sale. Retailer will facilitate registration only within its jurisdiction area. Retailer may express inability to register in cities where the Retailer does not operate. In such case a Retailer may refund the reservation amount to the client.
  • In case the Retailer is not able to match the exact requirement of the client or if any feature deletion takes place during the future course of build process of the vehicle, the Retailer will make all attempts to offer an alternative/near match model/variant of the vehicle or give indicative time when such order can be executed. Any differential amount applicable thereof as a result of feature addition/ price increase will be communicated to the client.
  • This website should be used only if you are above the age of 18 and can enter into binding contracts

Delivery of Jaguar Land Rover Vehicles

  • Client is requested to connect with the Retailer within three working days from the date of reservation to complete the purchase process. In case of any query, the client may also connect with JLRIL by clicking on the contact us section.
  • JLRIL Retailers will guide the client for any further requirements to complete the vehicle sale process including finance, insurance and registration depending upon client’s preferred location and registration type (company or individual)
  • Expected delivery of the reserved vehicle is tentative and needs to be reconfirmed with the Retailer.
  • Client is requested to provide correct contact details at the time of making a reservation. In case of any incorrect information, the Retailer may fail to contact the client and may need to reallocate the reserved vehicle. It is therefore requested that client should also take the initiative to contact the Retailer.

Cancellation, Refund, Payment of Interest.

  • For any cancellation requests, client should contact respective Retailer and submit cancellation letter with payment receipt.
  • Cancellation guideline: For “available now” vehicles - Client can approach Retailer and if you are unclear on any terms and conditions, or you may wish to change your purchase decision, your reservation amount is refundable within three working days from the day of reservation. Beyond this time, cancellation charges may be applicable.
  • In case of cancelation by the client, refund will be made within 21 working days from receiving a written request (by email/ registered post) addressed to the Retailer. The contents of this communication should mention “Cancellation of Online Reservation Reference No <…….>” and include copy of the payment receipt. Retailer’s email and postal address can be found in the reservation receipt. In case of cancellation by the Retailer, there won’t be any interest payable to client on their reservation amount.
  • In case of cancellation of reservation, subject to completion of cancellation formalities, there will be a 10% transaction/convenience fee which will be applicable and charged/recovered from the refund amount.
  • Client refund would be authorized by the Retailer, subject to completion of cancellation formalities.

Other information

  • There is currently a global shortage of semi-conductor components. Jaguar Land Rover India Limited (JLRIL) is affected by this shortage and as a result, certain Jaguar and Land Rover products may not be available and delivery timelines for some products may be extended by authorised Jaguar Land Rover Retailers. Please contact your authorised Jaguar Land Rover Retailer for further updates.